Evaluation version of ADMB

Notes on installing evaluation copy

The following is intended to provide some guidance for users interested in evaluating ADModel Builder. There is a new evaluation version with the capacity to make DLL's to use with Splus version 4 release 3 and other applications. This evaluation copy is designed for use with Windows 95 or Windows NT. Note that the registered licensed versions are available under Linux and Unix as well for a variety of platforms.

Step 1. Download the ADMB file adminw32.exe from our web site. This is an evaluation version of ADMB. After the download is completed click on the CARRY-ON link to get back here.

Step 2. You will need to download the mingw32 compiler to use this evaluation version of ADMB. You can get information about this compiler at //ftp://ftp.xraylith.wisc.edu/pub/khan/gnu-win32/mingw32/gcc-2.95/

Step 3. The files for ADMB are in a self extracting executable, adminw32.exe. Create a new directory called c:\admodel, copy adminw32.exe to it and run adminw32.exe -d (you need the -d option to create the necessary subdirectories).

Step 4. If you did not install into the directory c:\admodel you must ensure that the compiler and linker can find the header and library files for ADMB. This can be accomplished by editing the files in the bin subdirectory to reflect the name of the directory in which you have installed ADMB.

Step 5. You must ensure that the operating system can find the files in c:\admodel\bin. This can be accomplished by putting the directory c:\admodel\bin (or the appropriate directory name) on your PATH.

Step 6. There is a test subdirectory with instructions about testing and troubleshooting the installation of ADMB.

There is also a subdirectory with examples for making DLL's that can be called from Splus.


Other example files (for fishery models) can be found at:


Information on a list-serve for modeling (with emphasis on approaches using ADModel Builder can be found at: