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Examples using AD Model Builder

These examples include the users TPL file (that is the template), the CPP file (C++ source code) produced from the template, the compiled executable and the DAT file (data input to the model). These files are in PKZIP format. They have been compiled with the DJGPP v2 C++ compiler for DOS. They are DPMI32 compatible and will run in a window under Windows 95 or NT. To run them in DOS you will need to download the zip file CWSDPMI.ZIP and extract the file CWSDPMI.EXE from it (and put it in a directory on your path). Examples for other platforms can be supplied. Contact us.

Click on DOCS for an online description of the example or on the file name to download the example file. Some trouble with reading the DOCS with Internet Explorer has been reported. We recommend using NETSCAPE.

Documentation for Downloading

Download zipped PDF file for AD Model Builder DOCUMENTATION There is also a zipped pdf for AUTODIF DOCUMENTATION upon which AD Model Builder is based.
(NOTE: AD Model builder and AUTODIF take a somewhat different point of view about how to build models for nonlinear parameter estimation so that it is better to read the AD Model Builder documentation first.)
NOTE: These are ZIP files not EXE's. Some browsers want to name them incorrectly.

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