A fisheries model with random effects

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All required files (linux): caest.tar.gz
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Model description

The catch-age model from Schnute and Richards (1995) has been used compare the computational speed of AD Model Builder with other statistical software packages (see here). It is conceptually appealing to assume that the annual recruitements are random effects, i.e. they are drawn from a common normal distribution. The random effects module then lets you estimate the mean and the variance of the normal distribution.

The model is memory consuming and requires the following command line options in order to run quickly:

caest -est -l1 30000000 -l2 100000000 -l3 100000000 -nl1 10000000 -nl2 10000000 -nl3 10000000

or it can be run a bit slower using less memory using the -ndb optiion to calculate the derivatives in three blocks

caest -est -ndb 3 -l1 10000000 -l2 70000000 -l3 10000000 -nl1 20000 00 -nl3 2000000

or if you really don't have much memory available try -ndb 10 option

caest -est -ndb 10 -l1 10000000 -l2 10000000 -l3 3000000 -nl1 1000000 -nl3 1000000

The computational time is 31s on a 2006-pc running linux.